Actual Customer Testimonials

We have a 5 star rating on HomeAdvisor's Referral Website.  
                 (Since I create this website I could make anything up so I will instead us the independent reviews from the HomeAdvisor site. )
Rated 5 stars on Homeadvisor referral website on 10-25-2013
  Review by in Scarborough, ME
  Project: Clean & Seal Residential Tile Floor
  The difference in my kitchen grout is amazing! They cleaned many years of grime out and left it sparkling. In addition, they were able to fit the work in on a very tight timeframe and were really flexible. Would definitely hire them again!
 Rated 5 stars on Homeadvisor referral website on 6-28-2013
 Review by in Portland, ME
 Project: Clean & Seal Residential Tile Floor
 From the first call, they were responsive, kept me informed and did a beautiful job. The tile was installed in 1930 and we were not sure what it would look like. I was amazed. I would call Southern Maine Tile and Grout Cleaning, LLC in a heartbeat.
 Rated 5 stars on Homeadvisor referral website on 04-20-2012
 Review by in Brunswick, ME
 Project: Clean Commercial Gym Floor
 They were quick to respond to my query, quick to set up an estimate appointment, quick to send a detailed estimate. Kept in contact both by phone and e-mail, never left me waiting long for responses. They gave a VERY fair price and the quality of the work was excellent. We have already set up a regular yearly appointment with them as well as adding work for them to do for us.
We have commercial accounts that I can give you as references at your request.  You could also call Paul G. White, Capozza Tile or Old Port Specialty Tile for their recommendations.